Welcome to the Law Office of Bart Parsley!

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you find the right lawyer for you!  We have been providing high quality services with high rates of customer satisfaction since 2008. We primarily work with immigration and employment issues for individuals and families residing in Washington State or who are interested to live here from abroad.

We value:

Transparency. You deserve a lawyer that values being open and honest with you about your options, risks, and rewards.

Care. The best of us run into legal issues at some point in our lives. A lawyer who genuinely cares about clients often does that little extra to achieve better results.

Experience And Knowledge. There is no quality of knowledge like insider knowledge from a lawyer who is connected and respected in the legal community.

Simplifying Complex Issues. Legal matters often appear much more simple than they really are. A good lawyer simplifies the complex to creating a pathway for success.

Immigration. We deal with families, schools, and businesses who seek to legally keep families together, enroll foreign students, or employ foreign workers. Immigration interests me because I have cherished living and studying in Latin America. The US is a country of immigrants; I support people of diverse backgrounds who come here to forge a better life.

Employment. We handle workplace abuse, safety, discrimination, payment issues, or unemployment compensation matters.

Workplace Issues. This is important to me because I believe in strong teams. Americans are among the world’s most productive workers in one of the most competitive economies, so they deserve the rule of laws that promote respect in the workplace.