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You have come to the right place if you are seeking dedicated and compassionate immigration lawyers!

If you are a decent person seeking to be in the United States, we are here to listen to you and clearly discuss your options. We very much enjoy getting to know our clients, and together we will develop a plan to achieve results.

Here are our values:

Knowledge. We realize that a person seeking legal services has many options to get legal advice. We know firsthand how immigration issues can become complex. We have over 7 years of experience with various different kinds of immigration scenarios, access to resources for immigration lawyers, and have experience communicating to the officers and immigration judges who may be deciding your case.

Passion For Our Work. We are honored to be resources for people in a time of need. We believe that America offers a lot of hope for many people to improve their lives. We will do our best to go the extra mile to improve your chances to earn a benefit that you should be legally qualified to get.

Transparency. You deserve a legal service that values openness and honesty. We do our best to explain the options, risks, and possible rewards coming from your case. You have a right to access your file once you begin working with a lawyer.

Prompt Service. We work hard to get back to our clients quickly whenever there is a question or concern. Our goal is not to create a gigantic law firm at the expense of service to our clients, nor is it our goal to have too many clients for us to navigate. Overall we are just dedicated people who are satisfied with a job well done.

Advocacy In The Community. We believe that the overwhelming majority of immigrants work hard to earn a better life in America. We have participated in advocacy events in Washington D.C., directly speaking to our local government representatives and surrogates about the people we meet and how we can improve the immigration system for Americans and foreign nationals. We have regularly completed pro bono work to serve the most vulnerable. We have donated to causes to protect refugees fleeing danger. We have promoted a better business visa system to attract bright people who can create jobs here. We believe in reasonable immigration reform that will lessen the wait times for families, practical and cost-effective methods to keep our country safe from dangerous people, and a means for children growing up in the United States to have an ability to earn work authorization.


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