From the beginnings of the United States, our country has aspired to be a new home for people fleeing persecution around the world. Generally, U.S. law provides the possibility of asylum for individuals who have a well-founded fear of future persecution if they return to the country where they have lived. Refugees and asylum-seekers in the U.S. face many challenges, including successfully arguing their cases to immigration officers and judges, and living day-to-day in a society that can fail to live up to hopes and dreams. One of our goals, asylum case-by-asylum case, is to hold our society to its best principles including equal treatment under the law. It is important to us to provide comprehensive and determined legal representation to our clients. Specific types of asylum-related legal assistance we provide include submitting a high quality asylum packet, getting work authorization during the process, preparing applicants for interviews with asylum officers or Immigration Judges, and sometimes requesting release on bond or parole of detained asylum seekers.

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