Cancellation of Removal

The government may place some people – even people who have lived in this country for many years – at risk of being deported, for reasons that could include the following:

  • Entering the U.S. without inspection by a customs agent or border patrol officer, or remaining in the U.S. without permission (or after permission has expired)
  • Committing certain crimes
  • Violation of non-immigrant status
  • Smuggling
  • Marriage fraud

Even if the government holds that someone is deportable, U.S. law provides ways for him or her to request cancellation of the deportation order, so that he or she may remain in the U.S.

A cancellation of removal case requires a high level of documentation, testimony, proof, and organization for best showing ties to his or her community in U.S., his or her responsibility to U.S. citizens such as family members, and his or her good moral character.

We provide assistance in these cases, for both detained and non-detained people, while looking for alternate means to get the respondent out of immigration court, which may include negotiating with the U.S. government to administratively close the case if this is the best option.

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