The government may place some people - even people who have lived in this country for many years - at risk of being deported. Here are some reasons that could lead to being placed in removal proceedings:

  • Entering the U.S. without inspection by a customs agent or border patrol officer
  • Remaining in the U.S. without lawful permission
  • Committing certain crimes
  • Violation of non-immigrant status
  • Being arrested for unauthorized work from a workplace raid
  • Marriage fraud or material misrepresentations to immigration officers

Even if the government charges someone to be deportable or inadmissible, most people have the right to see an Immigration Judge before the removal order is final. One way to stay in the United States is through cancellation of removal. This case requires an intense amount of documentation including proof one has lived in the United States for more than 10 years, the person has good moral character and positive ties to the community, the individual has no disqualifying criminal convictions, and there would be an exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to the qualifying U.S. relative if the individual were to be deported. We provide assistance in these cases, for both detained and non-detained individuals. There may also be alternative means to negotiate with the U.S. government to get the respondent out of immigration court if this is the best option.

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