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Americans are among the most productive and hardest working people in the world, and everyone should be able to work in a position they are qualified for without worrying about being discriminated against or being short changed by their employer. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. That’s where the services of a King County Employment Law Attorney come in.

At the Law Office of Bart Parsley, we believe in each person’s right to forge the best path possible for themselves and their family. Because of this, our practice is dedicated to Employment and Immigration Law. Whatever your work issue might be, we’re here to help you resolve it to the best of our ability.

A Team Player on Your Side

Facing a fight with your employer can be a lonely experience, not to mention an aggravating one. Maybe you faced discrimination because of your age, gender, or sexual orientation and were passed up for a promotion you deserved. Or have had to endure verbal, physical, or sexual harassment. Perhaps you’ve left the company and aren’t getting the severance or unemployment compensation you deserve.

As American workers, we spend too many hours on the job to be uncomfortable or be treated unfairly. The right Pacific Northwest Lawyer, like The Law Office of Bart Parsley located in Tukwila, Washington – a Seattle suburb can make a big difference when it comes to handling employment disputes.

Every step of the way, we’re ready to work with you as a team. We’ll explain to you the challenges that come with fighting your employer, as well as the benefits that come from winning that fight. With a King County Lawyer by you side that will decode the legalize, you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re up against and we’ll be able to work together towards the best possible outcome for your situation.

Committed to Diversity and Civil Rights

Attorney Bart Parsley began his higher education process with a great respect for the global workplace and economy. As an undergraduate, he studied International and Latin American Studies at the University of Washington. When it came time to pursue his law degree, Parsley chose to lend special focus on Labor and Employment Law. He also served as a Law Clerk at an Employee Rights Center. Some of his own studies occurred in other countries, including Ecuador, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico, so he knows firsthand the rewards of diversity and the challenges of feeling like an outsider.

Since 2008, when the Law Office of Bart Parsley first opened its doors, Parsley has developed a strong reputation with his clients as well as the legal community as an excellent, caring, and hard working King County Employment Law Attorney. If your work life is not going the way it should, schedule a consultation, and learn what we can do together to get the job done.

Pacific Northwest Lawyer Bart Parsley is an experienced labor and employment attorney who has handled a wide variety of employment law cases. The firm handles employment-related issues, including:

  • Wage claims
  • Unemployment compensation and appeals
  • Contract disputes
  • Severance agreements
  • Workplace discrimination (age, sex, race, sexual orientation)
  • Harassment
  • Retaliation

After years of representing clients in labor disputes, Bart Parsley understands that no two cases are exactly alike. That is why he focuses his practice on providing his clients with individualized legal advice and clear communication, making sure that his clients’ questions are answered in a timely manner.

If you are involved in a dispute with your employer, it is important to fully understand your rights. Labor disputes often seem simple on the surface, but can become complex and time consuming. That is why it is critical to contact an experienced employment law attorney as soon as possible if you are involved in an employment dispute. Bart Parsley is an experienced labor and employment attorney who will clearly explain your rights and keep you informed every step of the way.

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